The Best DIY Hair Mask At Home

What is a hair mask and how can it help my hair? 

Hair masks are usually placed on dry or damp hair for 5 or more minutes. Products full of fat are amazing for your hair. That's why our favourite DIY hair-care hair mask is something that everyone has in their kitchen and would likely use on a daily basis. 


Can you guess what it is?




That's right, it's olive oil! You can put it in just before you shower or sleep with it in overnight, it helps to add strength and shine to the hair shaft leaving your hair softer and more-luscious than ever! 


Simply add the olive oil to the mid-shaft and ends of your hair, for optimum results we suggest sleeping in it (put a towel on top of your pillow for cleaner bed-sheets) and wash it off first thing in the morning (followed by your standard hair-washing routine). 


Do this once per week and your hair will thank you for it! An extra luscious hair-mask can be done using coconut oil if you have that oil in your home too! 


Happy hair-care!

Chloe x