Seriously, What's All The Fuss About Silk Scrunchies???

Yes, we all know that silk scrunchies are the fancy-pants of the hair elastic world, but trust us, they are worth the investment. 


When it comes to caring for your hair, pulling your pony or messy bun up with a basic hair-tie or even a non-silk scrunchie is actually doing your hair more damage than you realise. The rough fibres of these scrunchies and hair ties tugs on your hair fibres and results in hair breakage. Not to mention the kinks caused from the basic hair-ties. 

The fibres in the silk are extremely soft and gentle on your hair that they allow you to put your hair up worry free! 

Goodbye Hair Ties, Scrunchies are Taking Over! 


Plus silk scrunchies look pretty damn glamorous, and are extremely versatile! 

Wether you're wearing your scrunchies to bed, or an accessory for a night out, you can wear them confidently knowing your hair is being looked after!  

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