Why won't my hair grow? After years and years of caring for her hair how she always had, and seeing her hair never grow, Chloe decided to research all things hair care in a hope that if she loved her hair a little bit more, it would finally grow and shine like the luscious mane she'd always dreamed of. 

Little did she know, those supermarket hair ties she'd been using everyday had actually been doing a lot of the damage. That's when she discovered the amazing powers of, you guessed it! A Silk Scrunchie! 

With her love for business and this new found knowledge, The Silk Scrunchie was born. 

The Silk Scrunchie hopes to encourage self love and self care one scrunchie at a time. We also care about loving this beautiful planet we live on, and that's why for every box of scrunchies sold we will plant one tree through our partnership with one tree planted.