Tips for hair care while you sleep.

You read that right! How you sleep can impact the health and care of your hair so we're here to tell you all about the do's and don'ts of hair care while you sleep. Take notes, your hair will LOVE you for it later! 


  • Do sleep on a silk pillowcase. 
  • Do brush your hair at the scalp before bed - this removes all the dirt and oil build-up at the base of the hair shaft which can be damaging for hair. 
  • Do put your hair in a loose high ponytail for sleeping - we recommend flipping your hair upside down and putting the silk scrunchie in this way to ensure that no hairs a pulled (we don't want a tight scrunchie here!) Our recommendation is to use your silk scrunchie tied around only 2x. 
  • Do plait the hair out of the pony if your hair is extra long, this will prevent knotting of the hair. 
  • Do ensure the end of your ponytail goes up and over your pillow when you lie down - it will help make sure that the strands don't get knotted. 



  • Do not sleep on a cotton pillowcase or something abrasive, opt for the softest case you can find. 
  • Do not sleep with you hair out and down, it will get knotty and damaged. 
  • Do not sleep with your hair in a tight ponytail or bun, this will likely cause hair breakage. 


The team at the silk scrunchie have worked a night-time hair routine into our bed-time routine (kinda like brushing your teeth) to ensure that we take the steps to protect our hair!


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