How to manage your hair in heat & humidity

We all love summer, but how do we look after our frizzy hair and ensure that despite the heat we do what we can to look after our locks? 

No matter your type of hair - dry, coloured, textured, thin, thick, curly or straight, we've compiled a list of tips & tricks to care for your hair all summer long! 

Here's our top tips for summer hair care: 


Silk hair accessories 

If you're a fan of TSS, you're probably highly aware about the benefits of a good silk scrunchie. It works to maintain shine, prevent frizz and prevent breakage when compared to the basic hair elastic. 

Our silk scrunchies will help to keep your hair out of your face while caring for your hair (think of it like a hug for your hair) and ensure that it has what it needs to stay healthy in the heat. 

Whether buying for yourself or a friend check out our silk scrunchies here. 


UV Hair Spray 

UV protection for your hair is a real thing, you can buy UV sprays to help look after your hair that add value. Simply spritz you hair every few hours to keep it looking AMAZING!



Wearing hats is another way to care for your hair in summer. It prevents the sun from damaging your scalp (or worse burning it). 

Our typically rule of thumb is to wear a hat if you're out in the sun to protect both your skin and hair from those harmful UV rays. 


Hair Masks & Treatments 

Using hair masks is a must-do at all times, especially in summer.

To keep your hair staying healthy, we recommend regular moisturising marks to care for your hair. 

When you go swimming in the ocean we even recommend lathering your hair in condition and braiding it to prevent the salt water or chlorine drying out your hair. 


At the end of the day, if your hair needs some love, silk is the answer. Our range of silk scrunchies can work to protect your precious locks day in and day out.