How to make the most of your New Years resolutions

Okay, so we're 6+ weeks into the start of 2022. Many of us would have set New Years resolutions, but here we are, having not followed them. 

In all honesty, life will never be perfect and we will always fall off the rails from time to time, so as long as we keep working towards our goals despite having some days or weeks or even the entire year off so far, we can still do it. 

If you haven't read the book Atomic Habits, we recommend you add it to your reading list right this minute. 

Never feel bad about having an 'off' or bad or semi-average day, what matters is being able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep on going. 

Plus, if you do it with a silk scrunchie in your hair, it will seem 100 times easier, we promise. 

Apologies for the short blog post this week as we too have been struggling with out overly-difficult New Years resolutions but we will get a schedule in place to keep these coming regularly. 

Love Chloe xx