How to keep your silk scrunchies looking fresh all year round?

Okay, you've finally invested in the best scrunchie for your hair. A silk one. 


It's so beautiful and keeps your hair happy and you can't stop getting compliments on it when it's on you. This goes on for a few weeks, until your favourite silk scrunchie is no longer looking so fresh... It might be faded or wrinkly, but it's not looking as silk and as shiny as it once did. 


So, you reach into your box and pick out the next colour, until that fades... and you get to do this one more time until, oh no! You're out of clean silk scrunchies. 


With grease on your body and build up in hair, it's normal that these silk scrunchies will need some love and care (and a bit of a wash to survive), so here's a list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your scrunchies to ensure they last for years to come. 


Can I put my scrunchies into the washing machine and dryer? 

We strongly recommend against washing your scrunchies in the washing machine and dryer with your other items as this will cause them to shrink and not look like they once did. 


Follow the steps below for perfect washing:

1. Handwash your scrunchies using lukewarm water and some baby shampoo or good quality shampoo as a preference (it's much nicer than using dish-soap!) 

2. Leave flat to dry in the shade, we prefer to sit ours on a towel for 24 hours, this will ensure they dry fresh! 


If you're a bit short for time,  you can always put your scrunchies in the washing machine on gentle cold machine wash with other delicates of like colours! 


Enjoy your scrunchies ladies! 


PS: If your washing efforts just don't beat the new scrunchie feels,  here's a 30% off - simply use the code "SAVE30" at checkout! 


Chloe xx