How to curb your post-lockdown anxieties.

With Sydney’s lockdown having just ended, and Melbourne due to come out of lockdown in the coming weeks, we’re all eagerly excited to re-enter the world and catch up with all of our friends. But why are we anxious? 

Having spent the better part of this year in lockdown, either living only with our families or on our own, everyone is experience some form of anxiety in every-way and we’re here to give you some tips which will help you overcome these anxieties and hopefully help your transition back into the real-world a little bit easier.


1. I’m worried because I’ve gained weight. 

Change is normal, every single person in lockdown will have changed. Whether than be gaining weight, losing weight, or even staying the same weight. Our suggestion is to put on your best outfit that you feel amazing in. If you feel good, you’ll look even better. And remember, nothing is more attractive than your amazing personality, which everyone will have definitely missed. 


2. What if my friends don’t like me anymore? 

You’re a good human, your friends will like you. If they don’t, that’s their loss. Earth has billions of people on it, and you only need one other person to like you - but trust us, you’ll find more! Having been in lockdown for so long, it’s inevitable that people will have changed, including your friends, which means that you might not be able to be friends so easily as before. There’s so many fish in the sea that it’s silly to get so caught up in one person who doesn’t like you. Because trust us, people like you, you just have to find them. 


3. I’m worried about being around so-many people. 

After being locked up for months, we are too. It will be okay! Our recommendation is to slowly re-emerge into the world. Go to friends' houses, or venues where there won’t be too many people. It will be ok, each day will get easier! 


4. I’m worried about not being invited out with friends.

With caps on venue numbers and even the amount of people allowed inside people's houses, it is inevitable that not everyone will be invited to each event. Our recommendation is to steer clear of the stories in social media while things are re-opening, because we all haven’t experienced FOMO (fear of missing out) for months, so trust us, it will come in hard and fast when it does. If you’re not seeing those stories it helps. 

Also know that your energy is not required at every event, and you need to working on achieving your goals and ensure when you do go, you bring your energy A-game that all of your friends have known to love. 


5. I’m worried about spending money. 

We’ve spent months not spending money on clothes, dinners, drinks and ubers each week, so it’s understandable you’re worried about spending money and the possibility of overspending once lockdown ends. We get it, for the most part, all of our bank accounts are a bit better off because of lockdown, and we don’t want to watch all our savings go down the drain once our lives become more social than ever before. 

Our recommendation is to budget, literally everything. If you’re going out to a venue, study the menu before and the cost of drinks, and give yourself a set amount to spend for the night that you would be comfortable on, say $70 for dinner, $90 for a night out with the girls, etc. Having pre-planned these costs can help you plan in advance, and ensure that you don’t get over-excited and overspend when you go out. 

That being said, if you do go over your budgeted spend for a night out, within reason you must be ok with it. If you spend a few hundred over, then yes, you probably need to re-evaluate why you spent so much, but if you go over a little bit, it’s ok. 


6. I’m worried about literally everything. 

That’s ok, most people actually are! Our recommendation here is to get back to basics and ensure that you’re giving your mind and body the best chance of success. 

  1. Diet - ensure you’re eating healthy, whole foods to give your brain the best chance of success. Fish and healthy fats are amazing for your brain health. 
  2. Exercise - this is a big one. Burst of medium-to-high intensity exercise is single handedly the best way to give your mind the best chance of being anxiety free. Sprints, HIIT workouts and running will give you a massive leg-up on your anxiety, by about 30-40%. 
  3. Sleep - ensuring that you get enough sleep is also important. We suggest scheduling in down-time 30-45minutes before you wish to sleep which includes removing technology to give your brain the best chance of switching off and recovering at night. 
  4. Meditation - working on your meditation skills is amazing to work through anxiety techniques and breathing. If you can’t do this yourself, there are plenty of free guided recommendations on youtube, or our personal favourite is the Headspace app. It’s definitely worth it.

Everyone is a bit anxious about coming out of lockdown, but trust us, you will be okay. Drink your water, get your sleep, put your hair up in a silk-scrunchie bun and everything will be ok.