Can silk really prevent hair damage?

To all our regulars at The Silk Scrunchie, you'll know how amazing our silk scrunchies leave you hair - kink free, no breakage and adding shine to your luscious locks.

But the real question is - can silk scrunchies prevent future hair damage?

Read below for all you need to know about silk hair products and how they work to prevent future damage. 

How do silk scrunchies work?

Silk scrunchies have the aim of caring for and protecting your hair while you use them, so you're guaranteed to have nourished locks all day long. Our silk scrunchies work to prevent breakage when compared to the regular hair tie and work to protect your hair in any moment from going to work, to the gym, school and any other instance where you may require a scrunchie in your hair! They're made from 100% our 27 momme mulberry silk that works to not disturb your style, be it curled or straight hair! They're also super strong soo they will hold your hair in place no matter how active your life may be. 

Do silk hair scrunchies really prevent future damage?

YES! Silk hair scrunchies are the number one way to stop your hair from breaking, being kinked or getting tangled!

The premium silk used for The Silk Scrunchie products locks in all the moisture, so you never have to worry about it drying our your hair or causing any sort of breakage. 

What else can you do to keep your luscious locks looking happy and healthy?

While silk is a super luscious way to care for your hair, there are tonnes of other things you can do to keep it looking and feeling the best at all times.

1. Use less heat

Finding ways to use less heat in your routine can make a huge difference. Try out things like heatless curls or braids and up-dos with our scrunchies to see how much it improves the texture of your hair (aka say hello to shiny, healthy hair - bye bye brittle dry hair!). 

If you're married to the style that heat provides (e.g. straightened hair, luscious curls or a blow wave) make sure that you always, I repeat always use heat protectant to ensure that minimal damage is done. 

2. Moisture is king

Adding hair oils or leave-in conditioners to your hair can really work to give it that extra boost of shine. Our personal favourite products are from Kerastase, but there are other brands out there with amazing products also. 

At The Silk Scrunchie, we work to ensure we all use a hair mask in the shower to add moisture each and every time. 


3. Chop it off

If you ask any hairdresser what the best thing to do for your hair is, they’re probably going to tell you to get those ends chopped off. Be sure to get your hair cut every few months so that no nasty split ends sneak up on you. 

If you're scared this is going to make your hair shorter, ensure that you're caring for your hair between cuts to prevent the split ends from growing further than they need to.


4. Skip the washes 

One thing that so many people do with their hair is wash it too often. Ideally you don't want to be washing your hair more than twice a week (even with an active lifestyle) as this will cause excess oil to be produced on your scalp and slow down the process. 

It might take some time but be sure to train your hair to wash it as few times as possible. Here at the Silk Scrunchie we endeavour to wash our hair only once per week - even with regular exercise to ensure that we're letting our hair have time to do its thing and be healthy.