Can brushing really grow your hair...?

Okay, so we know that brushing your hair can remove knots, make your hair look tidy, or even make your hair go frizzy, but can brushing your hair really grow it or is it just an old wives tale? Read on to learn about the ins and outs of brushing your hair and wether or not it can really impact the growth. 


The short answer? Abso-growing-lutely. 


However, it's not the brushing of your hair (meaning the strands coming off your hair) that impacts the growth, but it's actually about how you brush your scalp. 


The brushing (or massaging) of your scalp stimulates the hair-follicles at the roots in your scalp which promotes hair growth. Further to this, correct brushing techniques can actually pro-long time between washes as proper-scalp brushing draws the oils away from the scalp and down the hair shaft, which prevents the build-up of oils at your roots. (If we were talking about skin-care, this would be the equivalent of a daily wash to unclog your pores). 


So how do you correctly brush your scalp? 

We recommend a boar-bristle brush, one that has lots of bristles that will help pull the oil down the hair shaft. If you brush your scalp (and not your entire strand of hair for those with medium-to-long hair) it will help clean up and de-clog the strand and follicle, whilst simultaneously stimulating the scalp through a massage-like experience. 


We also recommend for those with medium-to-long hair that you get a paddle brush, like the wet brush pro, to brush the strands of your hair, as this is your fragile hair that is most likely to break so we need to be careful with it. 


Okay, now that we know how to brush, you're probably thinking 'how often should I do this?'

Our recommendation is to brush the scalp every night before bed, we have incorporated it into our night-time routine, and then brush the strands as needed with the paddle brush. 

For those looking to go even longer between washes, it's also great to incorporate the use of dry-shampoo into this night-time routine as needed and then brushing the scalp after to ensure that there is no build up. 


We can go on for hours about this topic, so if you have any questions please reach us on socials - @thesilkscrunchie or email us today. 


Happy Brushing!